Peter Coombs

Location: Leicester, Leicestershire
About me...

I didn’t like school. I left at fifteen without any qualifications. My first job was as an office boy for a specialist contractor within the building industry. I must have been fairly bright because nine years later I was running high value contracts with a large workforce. That’s when I realised I didn’t like working for a boss. Since those early days I’ve run my own businesses in various contrasting trades. I’ve had a transport delivery company. I’ve been a successful antiques dealer, motorcycle dealer, film and tv extra and a few other things in between. I’m a qualified rock climbing instructor also a fitness instructor. My main passions are cycling ( I raced in my younger days), climbing and motorbikes. I’m currently writing my first novel.

About my Talks...

I am a ‘Stand Alone’ speaker – I don’t use any equipment. I don’t use notes or prompts, ever. Every talk is different and tailored to suit the particular audience. I keep all talks light hearted and encourage the
audience to participate whenever possible. My main objective is to make the talk enjoyable and memorable, never heavy or boring.
Talks usually last about an hour but I can be completely flexible.  I’ve had experience of talking to various clubs and associations and people of all ages including those with hearing or sight difficulties. From past experience I have found my talks on the various aspects of the antiques business and the working life of a TV extra tend to be the most popular but I’m quite happy to talk about any of my work or leisure activities.
I’m usually available at short notice or to fill-in for a cancelled speaker, any time, day or evening.
If you think my talks might suit your members I would be very happy to discus things with you to ensure
that you have made the right choice.


I’m based on the eastern side of Leicester city. For bookings within ten miles of my home my fee is £50.00 – possibly less for small or particularly deserving charities or groups. For venues outside the ten mile radius, travel expenses apply. I’m prepared to travel anywhere and talk to any type of audience though for large and commercially focused audiences please contact me so that we can discuss an appropriate fee.

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Public Speaker from Leicestershire Peter Coombs talks about being a TV extra in his talk A Face in the Crowd.

A Face in the Crowd.

For more than ten years I worked as a TV and film extra or supporting artist as they're known in the business. My talk explains how I got into the business, some of the productions I was in on TV, film and the London stage. Covering things like how programmes are made, why they need extras and the role they play and some of the funny situations I found myself in.

Public Speaker from Leicestershire Peter Coombs talks about being an Antiques Dealer.

Antiques From the Bottom of a Box.

I made my living by buying, repairing, researching and selling antiques. Most dealers tend to specialise in certain areas, such as china or glass. I specialised in the more unusual items particularly those not covered by other dealers. In fact most customers would buy from me because of the diverse nature of my stock. Vintage cameras and optical items were my main speciality but there were lots more. The
whole world of selling antiques offers many varied talks, my experiences as a dealer, the way the market works, the valuations, the items themselves, what is an antique etc etc. The permutations are almost endless. And I'll explain the title of this talk.

Peter Coombs Contact Details: