Peter Stemmer

Location: Darlington, County Durham
About Peter Stemmer Town Crier of Darlington, Toastmaster & Public Speaker..

Peter Stemmer -Town Crier of and Ambassador for Darlington

Peter started life on Merseyside, after a colourful and interesting career which included 22 years in the army, and 20 years in retail, is now a Sub Postmaster and Town Crier for the magnificent Quaker town of Darlington. You could say West meets East. Peter has over forty years of “ standing on his hind legs” and talking to people. He has been an instructor, lecturer, master of ceremonies and public speaker. Recently Peter won a themed edition “loud for a living” of The Weakest Link

About his talks...

The talk lasts 45-60 minutes and can be lengthened and tailored to suit any audience. This talk is appreciated by all types of groups and societies from ‘all lady’ church groups to ‘all male’ dinner parties. Peter is totally self contained and uses his regalia, bell and scroll to add interest to his talks.


Costs and Geography: Fees start at £40 and are tailored to the event. I am based in Darlington in County Durham in the north east but I talk UK wide and obviously travel expenses would be negotiable.

My Contact Details:

01325 247784 MOBILE: 07896941582

A Voice for all Occasions.


An interesting and informative look at Town criers, past and present and my experiences whilst performing this vital and historical role.The talk covers how I became involved and why I was considered suitable ????!!!! to become the Town Crier of Darlington. This is a light hearted talk with lots of amusing anecdotes.


A Professional Toastmaster and Town Crying Service

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Peter Stemmer, the founder of Crying-Out-Loud, is the Town Crier for the magnificent town of Darlington.

Darlington’s motto is Optima Petamus “Let us seek the best”.

This motto could be applied to everything Peter does. He has over forty years of experience, more than half being gained in the military. He has hosted, organised, and compered a wide variety of functions from formal dinners to fetes and concerts.

As you would expect, from someone with such experience, Peter is a top class organiser with a keen eye for detail. He is a wordsmith of note and has, when required, a keen sense of humour.

If you are looking for a professional Town Crier or Toastmaster then your search is over. Please visit my website and see what Peter, or Peter together with Marilyn, his wife and escort, can do for you.


Peter Stemmer Contact Details:

01325 247784 MOBILE: 07896941582