Raj Adgopul

Location: Bridport, Dorset
About Raj...

Although born in India, Raj has been living in England for 15 years, and has been married for 11 years to his English wife. He also an entrepreneur and innovator, having worked both in the NHS and in the private and charity sectors to develop new ideas and create opportunities.
Raj grew up in a small village in India near the city of Bombay (now Mumbai). When he arrived in England as an economic migrant to work in the NHS he had just £5 in his pocket.
Raj learned his professional skills in a rural part of India and spent his post qualification years in Mumbai, the transition from being a village boy to a professional working in Mumbai was a fun journey and a steep learning curve with lots of stories.
Raj has now worked in the NHS for over 15 years as well as working freelance in other sectors. Raj has been a frontline Innovator and Entrepreneur in the arena of Public Health. Raj currently is a producer of an online course to teach technology to children in India, this course will be free for the most disadvantaged in the India society. Raj’s other work has been as a negotiator, communicator and consultant for UK and American companies who wish to do business with India.

About Raj's talks...

Raj’s talks are light-hearted and humorous, spanning cultural differences, Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Networking, and Project Management.
All the content of Raj’s speaking engagements are based on real life experiences, true stories and interesting anecdotes. When discussing innovation and entrepreneurship, Raj presents tried and tested facts and uses an evidence based business approach. Raj has a good grasp of bootstrapping and can share tips on how to get anything off the ground on a shoestring budget.
Although he does not require anything to present his talks, he is a stand-alone speaker, sometimes he can benefit from a power point to show illustrative pictures. Raj is happy to address large or small groups and has given talks at conferences as a keynote speaker, universities, and to healthcare staff as well as to local community groups.


Raj’s Fee is £100.00 this involves the talk and some time for questions and answers, he can be available at short notice. Raj is prepared to travel to neighbouring counties and far afield, with moderate travelling expenses.

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Village life: England and India compared.

Public Speaker Raj Adgopul speaks about Village life England and India compared.

Taking a humorous look at the differences and challenges of village life in two hugely different countries. Learn how to greet your neighbours, what to do about other people’s children, and what to expect at village celebrations!

On a more serious note Raj discusses attitudes to education, to having a boyfriend or girlfriend, and to marriage and work.

In this broad reaching look at cultural differences and similarities, Raj uses village life as a source of amusement and thoughtfulness, drawing on his own experiences in his unique and uplifting way.

An immigrant’s experience of England

Public Speaker Rag Adgopul speaks about An immigrant’s experience of England

What is it like to arrive in a new country for the first time? When you don’t know why your bathroom doesn’t have a bucket in it, what a lunch box is, or why dogs seem to have all the fun…

Join Raj on a laugh-littered journey that will make you look with new eyes at the country you live in. Something for everyone in this immigrants tale that is bound to both enlighten and educate.

Manners maketh Man – cultural observations around food and manners in the east and the west.

Public Speaker Raj Adgopul talks about Manners maketh Man – cultural observations around food and manners in the east and the west.

Have you ever told the host how wonderful the food was when in reality it wasn’t even fully cooked? Ever smiled politely when the waiting staff dropped food in your lap. Ever apologised when a stranger bumped into you?

In this talk you’ll find new ways to laugh at British sensibilities, and find out how an Indian deals with the triumphs and pitfalls of negotiating English manners, as well as how you might deal with those same scenarios if you were in India. As well as looking at manners and food, learn more about the customs and foods of Raj’s home country, and maybe even come away with a recipe tip or two!

Attitudes to Health and Healthcare India and the UK

Public Speaker Raj Adgopul talks about Attitudes to Health and Healthcare India and the UK

Raj shares humorous and tragic stories from east and west with sensitivity in order to highlight the extraordinary system of the NHS, which he is proud to have worked for.

He goes on to highlight areas of communication that may need to be tailored differently for patients from varying ethnic origins and explain why a positive narrative when providing healthcare matters most for a sense of wellbeing for  the patient.

In addition Raj talks about the findings of his own comprehensive health needs assessment, which was conducted with migrants to the UK in south west of England. He has valuable insights about how healthcare is viewed by people from different ethnic origins, as well as sharing strategies for engaging and sustaining relationships with migrant communities and empowering them for change.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Public Speaker Raj Adgopul talks about Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Using anecdotes and stories from his own experiences as an innovator, Raj builds a strong case for how change is often stifled when it is needed, and embraced simply when it is easy. Addressing some of the challenges faced by change enablers, he shares strategies to help identify the people and organisations that can help you move your ideas forward, as well as giving plenty of things to avoid – all things he’s learned by trial and error!
He elaborates on how to understand what the real incentives are for customers and clients, and what motivates people to take action in real and virtual world. The session covers how to meet the right people, as well as how to pitch your ideas and get yourself noticed. Raj will share tips on how to identify your own potential and strengths and how to build resilience in situations of adversity.
A broad reaching and engaging talk, delivered with Raj’s usual upbeat style, with a liberal dash of humour and useful audience engagement, Raj is guaranteed to get you thinking differently, and inspire you to change the world, one issue at a time.

How to organise a successful Hackathon

Public speaker Raj Adgopul talks about How to organise a successful Hackathon

Using his own experiences of conducting a hackathon single handed, as well as attending those conducted by others, Raj gives a step-by-step breakdown of how to organise a hack, from identifying your topic, and gathering your team, to achieving your desired outcomes. Outlining pro-tips and pointing out pitfalls, Raj’s can-do manner and wealth of experience is a winning combination.
Explaining why ideas need to seen working first before they get formal support, as well as how to be realistic about your outcomes, Raj shares how to beat the chicken and egg situation that tech start-ups often find themselves in.
A great way to learn how to get your own ideas moving, this talk is ideal for anyone interested in a hackathon, whether they have a big budget for their hack, or a tiny one – Raj organised his first hack for just £12!
Raj says, “We are moving into a phase where ideas written on paper are not going to be enough, individuals and organisations need to find a way to create rapid prototypes to persuade funders to support their ideas.”

What people say about my talks

“Raj has a very good and engaging manner that can really help to capture the attention of an audience.”

Dr Patricia Wilkie, OBE, MA, PhD, FRCR (Hon), FRCGP (Hon)
Hon President & Chairman of National Association for Patient Participation

“Raj was the keynote speaker for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust innovation event in 2016.  Raj engages the audience with the power of storytelling, weaving in personal and professional experience with both humour and sensitivity.  I would highly recommend Raj, he has made a lasting impact on this organisation.”
Elaine Williams Listening into Action (LiA) Lead, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“Raj spoke to health professionals at an event I organised.  He is an entertaining, lively and confident public speaker who is well-informed about his subject matter”.

David Parker-Radford, Homeless Health Programme Manager, The Queen’s Nursing Institute