Richard Gibbons MA Cert Ed

Location: March, Cambridgeshire
About me...

I give unique multimedia talks on virtually any topics related to World War II or the Cold War. In recent years I have presented to many U3A groups, museums and shows, including around 60 at the famous War and Peace Show in Kent.
I am able to design presentations or study days for specific occasion.

About my talks...

All of my talks include original video footage and music, and you can have my own original poetry as well if you wish! I am often available at very short notice. After being a teacher and comprehensive school manager for 25 years, I was Education Officer in Cambridgeshire, supporting schools and parents in challenging or emergency situations. I am now a self-employed media and education consultant, supporting schools, giving these talks and producing video programmes for museums and other organisations.


I am based in Cambridgeshire and my ‘off-the-peg’ talks begin at £45.00. I do not charge travelling expenses for any venue within 10 miles of my home town..

For venues outside of the ten mile area, I charge 25 pence per mile for travelling —or second-class rail fare if long distance.

My Contact Details:

01354 680423

07852 311930

1. D-Day and the Normandy Aftermath

Public Speaker Richard Gibbons

The build-up to D-Day, the plans for the invasion, the landings, the campaign in the Bocage, the aftermath.

I give a 60 minute and a 30 minute presentation.

2. Turning Points of World War II

Public Speaker Richard Gibbons talks about the Battle of Britain

A survey of some of the major turning points of the War with special emphasis on Hitler’s errors of judgement and a terrifying alternative history that might have happened had any of his decisions been different.

This is a 60 minutes presentation.

3. Operation Market Garden

Britain's General Bernard Montgomery, who commanded the victorious 8th Army during their advance from El Alamein.

Montgomery’s attempt to end the war quickly in late 1944, intentions, plans, the failure of the attempt, the aftermath.

This is a 60 minute presentation.


4. The Cuban Missile Crisis


Some recently-revealed information demonstrating that the Crisis was even more dangerous than was believed at the time, and how the Crisis actually continued for three months rather than the usually-believed 13 days.

I give a 90 minute and a 60 minute presentation.

5. Early Nuclear Crises

Richard Gibbons Public Speaker talks about  Early Nuclear Crises

Revealing some lesser-known facts about how close the World came to nuclear conflict in the early Cold War—includes the Korean War, the Suez Crisis, crises in Berlin.

A 60 minutes presentation

6. Berlin—Divided City

A detailed look at the Berlin Airlift, the disastrous superpower summits, the Berlin crises and the role of Berlin in the Cold War itself.

A 60 minutes presentation

7. “The Third World War, 1983”

How the world came even closer to world war in 1983 than in the Cuban missile Crisis—the unknown facts revealed.

A 60 minutes presentation

8. Nuclear Protest in the UK, 1945-1991

Richard Gibbons Public Speakers talks about Nuclear Protest in the UK, 1945-1991

A look at the ebb and flow of the protest movements, including nuclear testing, CND, Vietnam protests, Cruise missiles and the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp

A 60 minutes presentation

9. UK Cold War Culture in the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis

A creative look at the social, political and military background to the UK’s role in the Crisis of 1962.

A 30 minutes presentation

10. The Russians are Coming!

Richard Gibbons Public Speakers talks about  "The Russians are Coming"

Some aspects of the Cold War from a Soviet perspective, and Cold War hysteria in the West.

A 60 minutes presentation

Richard Gibbons MA Cert Ed Contact Details:

01354 680423

07852 311930