Rosemary Beney

Location: Chesterfield, Derbyshire
About this speaker...

I’ve always been creative, and after my husband died, I was looking for a new way to express myself: that coincided with an early purchase of the wonderful IPAD!. Then I was away and now have seven talks to my name.
I live in Chesterfield with my dog, Gertie, it’s her in the photo!

About Their Talks...

My talks are an eclectic mix, suitable for all audiences. Each talk has between 100-150 slides using Keynote/PowerPoint. Many of them feature sound and video and are from 45-60 minutes long.

At a venue I require a screen or white wall. I have my own projector, and also happy to use any installed overhead projector.



My fee is £40 for local: further distances will include travel expenses. Any audience of 150-200 I do charge up to £100.

I give my talks morning and afternoons only. Last minute bookings are welcome.

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10. COOL IT! life Before Refrigeration

Public Speaker in Derbyshire Rosemary Benet  talks about  'COOL IT! Life Before Refrigeration'

ICE….. we all use it! I tell you about the history of importing huge amounts to the UK and India from Newfoundland, then from Norway; ice houses, early ice cream making machines not to mention some crazy ice creams….. you will be staggered, you will laugh and you will learn.

9. Hotchpotch of HATS!

Public Speaker from Derbyshire Rosemary Beney talks about Hotchpotch of HATS!

We all wear, or have worn hats and I’ll show you a history, as well as some crazy hats. I’m sure no one knows that for thirty years in the UK there was a Hat Tax! That among other quirky fun facts that will amuse and inform .

1. Velocipedes.


What is a VELOCIPEDE you ask? Everyone has ridden a bike, but what do you know about their origin and history? Did you know that VELOCIPEDE mania hit the UK in 1869, and VELOCIPEDE races were held all over the country? Did you know that an American suffragette wrote a book on learning to ride a bicycle at the age of 53 and it was a best seller?

From Dandy horse to penny farthing: to biking heroes of the past and present day, and some amazing crazy contraptions …I can tell you about it all! At present my most popular talk.
Slides and video.

2. Follies and Fantasies.... A Look at the Landmark Trust.

Landmark Trust
Follies and Fantasies…. a look at the Landmark Trust….(not the National Trust!)
Let me show you some of the wonderful properties I’ve been lucky enough to stay in, buildings rescued, by Landmark, and so beautiful restored. An old prison, namely the House of Correction, a moated castle, a romantic shippon in deepest Wales, to name a few. Six I will show in detail and several more. They are countrywide, hidden away, often up a long track, or in the middle of a field!
Slides and video.

3. Wake up and Smell the coffee!

Public Speaker Rosemary Beney talks about

Everybody drinks it, many are addicted, but do you know it’s fascinating history, fun and serious facts presented. For example there were 200 coffee houses in Vienna in 1763, with a population of only 200,000! And the most expensive coffee at $66 per ounce. And that an American artist paints in coffee. I reveal some of coffees health giving assets and some unusual uses!
Slides and video

4. Order out of Chaos.

Order Out Of Chaos - Jigsaws

You’ve all done jigsaws!? let me show you the niche area of the history of jigsaws: the family dynasty, the craze that hit America in the 1930’s, and the Hand cut wooden jigsaws of the present day, as well as the computer aided makers that are catching up. I hope to illustrate how the amazing skill of the cutter is shown …. and devised to tantalize, frustrate the puzzler…..This talk is one of my most popular and I bring examples.

Slides and video.

5. Rag Rugging....the Green Scene.

Public Speaker Rosemary Beney talks about  the art of rag rugging.
Make use of those old blankets and worn out shirts and turn them into rugs!. A practical but fun talk showing the various methods and the history behind the craft.
Slides and video, and about 35 mins in time.


6. A Trip to Mexico.... Off the Beaten Track.

Public Speaker Rosemary Beney talks about her trip to Mexico, 'Off the Beaten Track.
This is a trip I did with my husband in 1994. And not an area that English, let alone Americans were expected, so children stared wherever we went.  We were in a very, very dilapidated  and elderly RV,  and ventured down the East coast after coming through the border over the Rio Grande. We met some dubious characters, in areas distinctly hostile…. and coped with endless practical problems with the ancient RV.  I infill with history of the area, customs, and ever present drug cartel concerns.
Slides only.


7. Demystifying the Cryptic Crossword.

Cryptic Crossword

I love attempting the Telegraph daily cryptic…I’m a learner till I die, and am fascinated by the wordplay, so this talk, with hand outs, is a way, I hope of stimulating people to try for themselves and for me to spread the word….??
Slides, handouts, and only suitable for a small group.

8. The Fascination of the Romanovs 1894-1918.

Public Speaker Rosemary Beney talks about The Fascination of the Romanovs 1894-1918.

With the anniversary of the sad demise of the Romanov family, my talk attempts to show their lives in detail, from the marriage of Nicholas and Alex, and concentrates on trying to understand the brief, busy lives of the five children; the girls known as OTMA, the girls initials, and little Alexei, the Tsarevich. My talk has photos and video rarely seen and is revealing.

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