Rowley Collier

Location: Colchester, Essex
About me...

Whilst pot holing as a young man I discovered a fascination with crystals which eventually led to me becoming involved in the Hatton Garden gem trade for several years. In 1966 I became a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem A). In 1967 I founded the Essex Rock and Mineral Society (ERMS) which still meets in Hornchurch Essex once a month with a huge gemmological show held in Romford annually. More recently, as a member of the U3A I now run a gem appreciation group.

About my talks...

My talks last for approximately one hour and both are accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation. I have my own projector and whilst a blank wall is more than adequate I do have my own screen if required.
To give people a hands on experience, I bring along a display of rough and polished material and for this, I require a table – not too small so as to avoid people being too crowded to see and feel the objects.


I am based in Colchester and I charge £45.00 plus 15p per mile travelling expenses.

I am available for bookings throughout Essex and Essex/Suffolk border during daytime or evening and on short notice.

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Lets Talk Gemstones

Public Speaker Rowley Collier speaks about  "Lets Talk Gemstones"

Yes, lets talk gemstones! This talk gives you and your group an exceptionally interesting insight into gemstones, the difference between natural and synthetic stones. We will look at gemstones, cuts, colour, origins and identifying ivory from imitations. We’ll look at how and where pearls are formed and some surprises regarding amber and I share a few anecdotes concerning adventures had in the past when looking for stones. As an accredited speaker for the Essex WI (Womens Institute) this talk proves to be of particular interest and leads on nicely to it’s follow up talk, More About Gemstones. I have a selection of gemstone specimens, my own personal collection, which provide opportunity for my audience to see and appreciate the beauty of a cut gem.

Lets Talk More About Gemstones

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Having learned a lot from Lets Talk Gemstones, we will talk in more depth about the lesser known gemstones, some being quite rare and expensive. We’ll also talk about how some gemstones change colour and why. Again, with my personal collection of gemstone specimens this talk always conjures up a lot of interest which naturally leads to some exciting Q&A.