Sandy Leong

Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire
About the speaker...

Sandy Leong is an historian, passionate about bringing to life the sort of history that doesn’t normally get into mainstream history books and is a lively and entertaining speaker. She specializes in the period from the early 1500’s through the 1600’s in Britain, an exciting time in the country as it was changing fast; and in the Viking period, who are much more than the stereotype of raiders in horned helmets.

She is a professional speaker, and published author, married to a Malaysian, spending time living and working in the UK & Malaysia. She has had a lifelong career as an educator and developer of people; she is a qualified teacher, past CEO of a Racial Equality Council; Guest Lecturer at Universities and Colleges of Further Education; a regular speaker at conferences; guest speaker with P & O, Fred Olsen and Thomson’s cruise ships; and sought after speaker for U3A’s, WI’s, Historical Societies and other groups.

Other interests include, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for a large Charity and Immediate Past President of Loughborough Speakers Club, and an active member of the National Association of Speakers Clubs, holding the Advanced Speaker Award. She is also a member of a Storytellers group, performing locally.

About her talks...

All talks & presentations are designed to last for between 45 minutes & 1 hour, depending on your timescale & can be delivered with a powerpoint presentation.


Fees £65 + travelling expenses of £10 for anything above 20 miles from Loughborough and £20 for further afield.

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Hey Diddle Diddle: History & Meaning of Nursery Rhymes

1.Hey Diddle Diddle 240x240

Passed on down through generations from parents to children nursery rhymes have been part of our childhood. Many are just ditties to amuse children, but others have more dramatic & hidden
meanings or are veiled commentaries on political events & people in power. Some have it all, like a good film; royal scandal, illicit love affairs & bloodshed. Find out who Old Mother Hubbard really was & why Mary was Quite Contrary.

Mad as a Hatter: Origins & Meanings of Sayings

2.Mad as Hatter;240x320

Some people may say that I’m as Mad as a Hatter because I’m fascinated by the origins of everyday sayings. There are more sayings than you can shake a stick at. For any doubting Thomas, I’ll let the cat out of the bag & pull out all the stops to entertain you with stories of how the sayings that we use, came about.

Black Cats, New Moons & Ladders: Origins of Superstitions

3.Black Cats,New Moons 320x

A belief in luck & fate are the key components of superstitions & that they can be controlled by various actions of human beings. Do you throw salt over your shoulder if you spill it? Know that it’s good luck if you see two magpies; & wonder if things didn’t go to plan because it was Friday 13th & touch wood for good luck? But where did these beliefs originate?

A History of Witches & Witchcraft through the Ages

4.witch 240x240

Behind the stereotypical image of the witch flying on a broomstick wearing a back pointy hat lies a long history of trials, persecution & torture that claimed the lives of hundreds of women & men. The first English Statute was brought in by Henry VIII in 1542 when no one was safe from the accusation of witchcraft. This talk explores the history of magic, witches & witchcraft.

Nice Cup of Tea: A Potted History of Tea & Afternoon Tea

5.Tea Party 240x320

The British answer to a problem or crisis is often a ‘nice cup of tea’. If you have had a shock or are upset, someone will make you a cup of tea. But how did the British love affair with tea start? It’s a fascinating tale of adventure, tax, criminality, temperance, rationing & a morale booster in World War 1 & World War II; & of the Duchess who established the popular ritual of Afternoon Tea.

Bradgate & Lady Jane Grey

6.Bradgate Jane Gray 320 x202

In Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, stands the ruins of Bradgate Manor, the birthplace & home of Lady Jane Grey, dubbed the Nine Day Queen. This is a story of a girl with outstanding natural ability, whose strength of character & remarkable faith shine out, despite the darkness that often surrounded her. She paid the ultimate price for a throne she didn’t seek.

Specialist Talks

Sandy Leong has been married to a Malaysian for many years. Spending some time living & working in Malaysia she uses her on the ground experience to bring to life, life in Malaysia & Singapore with her Far East selection of talks & presentations.

Malaysia & My Chinese Family: from a Western Wife’s Perspective

A Potted History of Malaysia & Singapore

Introducing the Rich Cultural Diversity of Malaysia & Singapore

The Original Fusion? Food of Malaysia & Singapore

Understanding Cultural Etiquette in Malaysia & Singapore

The Vikings

Do you think you might be a descendant of the Vikings? Many of us are as they came and settled all around the British Isles

Frost, Fire, Gods & Giants – Viking Mythology
From the Fury of the Norsemen Deliver Us
Farming, Raiding, Trading, Settling – Viking Life

What audiences say about my talks

‘She is lively & entertaining, delivering an eclectic mix of talks.’

‘A really interesting speaker, kept me enthralled all the way through by her lively delivery.’

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