Sue Coleman

Location: Essex
About Sue Coleman (Snakey Sue)

Sue Coleman worked as a Professional Belly Dancer since 1978 and Snake Dancer from 1994 she has run a sanctuary for people’s unwanted pet snakes since 1996 she has approximately 60 snakes living in her sanctuary and it’s a “Not for Profit” facility “Snakey Sue’s Serpent Sanctuary”

About her talks and demonstrations

All of my presentations are stand alone (no projectors/laptops or slides) and I can talk either with or without my snakes being present.


The fee varies according to the talk, starting at £30. All of my presentations are stand alone and fees are negotiable for larger audiences than approx 30 people. We can often be available at short notice. Have snakes will travel – over the years I have travelled all over the country and abroad. Beyond a three hour drive I would need to factor in an overnight stay.

Public Liability Insurance is with the actors union “Equity” I have been a member since 1979. I have a risk assessment available and I have a Performing Animals Licence (although none of my snakes perform tricks some hotels/venues ask for one).

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Snakey Educational Encounters and Therapy:

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Suitable for all age groups we educate people about certain innocent beings that live with us on the planet, namely snakes, which are totally misunderstood and mainly believed to be dangerous when in fact they are the symbol of healing on the rod of Aescalupius.
When people actually allow themselves to release their fears we see fear turn to love and admiration of this being that has lived on the earth for billions of years.
Sue will bring up to 8 snakes (non venomous) and a volunteer helper.
Because most people do want to experience holding a live snake and our talk will often extend for longer than an hour (we actually have difficulty getting the snakes back from people).
Fee is: £60 plus 45p per mile from my home address.

Snake Educational Talk without Snakes

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If you would just like an educational talk about snakes without them being present this talk will be for 45mins, snake related items are brought along to be seen e.g. hatched snakes eggs, shed snake-skins. I don’t just talk I like my audience to ask questions too, facts are easier to remember if you asked the question first, most people have many questions to ask about snakes.
Fee: £30 plus travel

Snakey Sue’s Belly Dance Talk Demonstration

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Sue trained as a Belly Dancer in 1974 and became professional in 1978. She can tell you about her life as a Belly Dancer and do a demonstration dance for you; her talk will be approx 30mins and her dance performance will be approx 10mins Sue has worked for TV more times than she can count, she has also Danced in Sultanate of Oman and Sri Lanka.
Sound equipment provided by Sue
Fee for this presentation is £50 plus travel

Snakey Sue’s Snake Dance Talk Demonstration

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Sue began Snake Dancing in 1994, she has taken her dancing snake to Palma Majorca and all over the UK. This talk is 30mins plus a 10min dance performance including a Snake which people usually like to meet after the performance.
Sound equipment provided by Sue
Fee: £60 plus travel

Sue Coleman Contact Details: