Sue Flipping

Location: Sittingbourne, Kent
About me...

I’m a portfolio careerist – I’ve kept life interesting with lots of different jobs – and I’ve recently adapted so that I do only my favourite work and on an ad hoc / part-time basis, allowing more time to indulge my passion for travel.  So take your pick of several different talks that I can give, some based on my work, some on interests.

Currently I’m a self-employed funeral celebrant and a public relations consultant and a part-time supply teacher; I’ve also been a radio journalist, a published author, a lecturer, a hypnotherapist, an event organiser, a media trainer, and, for a few halcyon but back breaking weeks in my early twenties, a grape-picker. And I’m not even 100 years old yet.

About my talks...

Some of my talks are ‘motivational’ but I don’t presume to give anyone advice; everyone has their own life to lead and I simply demonstrate, through my own experiences, how I’ve got to where I am.

Even my ‘serious’ talks have a light touch; it helps make difficult subjects digestible.

All my talks have an associated PowerPoint or pictures and I prefer to speak where these can be shown. I’m afraid I can’t provide the necessary equipment. Having said that, it’s only absolutely essential for the talks on medieval graffiti and travel – all other talks can be give ‘stand alone’ without any equipment. If you need them to be stand alone, I will bring other resources.


I charge £50 per talk plus 30p a mile once more than 15 miles from my home postcode for all talks except the PR training. Actual speaking time will usually be 30 – 45 minutes with time allowed afterwards for questions / discussion. Let me know what you need and I will adapt. The PR advice / training is £50 – £100 an hour depending on your organisation and needs. There may be an additional cost for research and resources. Give me a call to find out more.

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Putting the fun into funerals

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about Putting the Fun Into Funerals.

Funerals are no longer just about getting the soul from here to heaven. As a result, the funeral industry is changing, with sometimes amusing results.  Funeral celebrants, woodland burials, water cremation, even raffling bottles of vodka in the ceremony, are all part of death in the 21st century. This talk looks at how funerals are adapting and the choices that people can make, either for themselves or for their loved ones.

There is a separate talk about the history of funerals in England.

Why aren’t you listening?

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about 'Why Aren't You Listening'

How do you get people to pay attention to your business, organisation or voluntary group? As a public relations consultant, I give training / advice talks, with or without practical activities, on how to promote effectively and at minimal cost using mass media, social media and specialist media. If you would like me to include activities, the session will be a minimum of two hours and charged accordingly. There may be an additional charge for research and resources.

Protection and prayer – graffiti in medieval churches

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about Protection and prayer graffiti

It’s relatively recently that we’ve started to realise just how many secrets our medieval churches hold.  One of them is medieval graffiti, deliberate markings in the fabric of the church, that, unlike modern graffiti, were almost certainly condoned and possibly even encouraged.  An extensive nationwide survey is currently recording all evidence of medieval church graffiti in an effort to understand better its scope and purpose. This talk shows evidence of graffiti, attempts to explain its use and also extends into examples of apotropaic markings (used to repel evil spirits) in private homes.

History is dead. Long live history.

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about History is Dead - Long Live History.

In 2013, our history group suggested running a unique Great War project with pupils at the local primary school. With the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI this year, the initial collaboration is now drawing to a close. However, the engagement of young children with the project has surprised even those adults closest to it and its success is leading to further local history projects. I will bring some of the resources we’ve used to inspire children in local history and, if facilities are available, show filmed interviews we carried out as legacy to future generations. This talk is particularly suitable for history groups or those interested in education.

Keeping the church doors open

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about Keeping Churches Open

How do we maintain the fabric of our beautiful medieval churches as church attendance drops? Some are being ‘re-purposed’ and turned into homes or venues. But that still means a huge loss to our heritage. I’m a member of a history group that is actively working with its local church to encourage more visitors, not as church-goers but as visitors (not just tourists) vested in protecting it. We don’t claim to have all the answers but I can talk about how pro-active volunteers and forward-thinking church wardens can work together to bring more people through the doors.

There’s a whole world out there.

Public Speaker Sue Flipping talks about There 's a Whole World Out There.

After two separate health crises – either of which could have finished me off – I gave up full time work three years ago to indulge my interests and to travel. I worked as a volunteer teacher in India, tried scuba diving in the Philippines and spent six months travelling in America, Australia and New Zealand. You can either have a talk that covers culture, heritage and cuisine in those places (either individually or in general terms) or it could be structured as a motivational talk about my personal response when life didn’t go as expected.

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