Sue Oliver

Location: Kendal, Cumbria
About me...

My talks are mainly about my life as a Registrar which is a job I have done now for over 29 years.  Its interesting and amusing with lots of anecdotes, facts and data.


About my talks...

I am just a standalone speaker no props just my voice. I love it when people ask questions so it gets very interactive.


My fee is £50.00 within a 20 mile radius of Kendal in Cumbria. However, I am willing to travel anywhere in Cumbria and North Lancashire subject to travel expenses.

My Contact Details:

01539740630 MOBILE: 07812972948

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches  “Life as a Registrar”

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I have for over 29 years been working as a registrar in Cumbria.  Without  having  to leave my seat life has walked  through my door, I have had a varied career starting off as a casual registrar to today running a district with over 30 officers, 2000 weddings and 150 lovely venues.  The tales I have to tell , from abandon brides, to themed weddings, Godzilla mother  in laws, Sham marriages ,immigration and citizenship  I have done it all.  The talk has been well received as it includes all aspects of human life, it’s filled with humour as well as many interesting facts. People also love to ask me questions so no-one really knows where the talk will lead not even me……..

To start,  I usually do a quick quiz first with questions like ‘what was the most popular boys name in 1900?’ and ‘can you marry in a hot air balloon?’, etc, which gets people talking. I will also take private questions after the talk for a further 10 mins as I have found that sometimes people do not always want to say things to a group.

“The perfect parcel”

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Hints tips and ideas for wrapping even the most simple of gifts .  It’s the anticipation of opening a gift that’s the most fun.  Learn the trade secrets for presenting and wrapping plants and flowers, Make your present look like you have spent a million dollars not just a few pounds.  See how the expert deal with those awkward shaped parcels.  Learn to make and use embellishments.  This demo has been my most popular yet as it combines both the practical side with a lovely visual outcome.

The only thing I need for this talk is a trestle table near to a power point. I also give one of the exhibits as a raffle prize.


Sue Oliver Contact Details:

01539740630 MOBILE: 07812972948