Tim Barney

Location: Evesham, Worcestershire
About me...

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by military history and technology, and like any enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to share my passion with the people around me.  Following a career in the IT industry, I now have the opportunity to branch out into the wider world, and pass on some of the fascinating facts and stories I have absorbed over the years.  As you will discover when you book one of my talks, military history is NOT just for military history fans!

About my Talks...

All my talks are fully illustrated by PowerPoint slides.  I have my own projector, table, screen etc, although I’ll happily use your equipment if it’s already in place. Each talk lasts for about 60 minutes, although I can offer expanded versions that go into greater depth, on request.
I am always happy to take questions at the end of a talk.
All my talks are designed for non-specialist audiences, and will appeal to men and women from every walk of life.  Some technical and scientific jargon is unavoidable – but don’t worry, I always translate this into everyday language!



My fee is £50 for an evening or daytime talk, plus travel expenses at 45p a mile if the location is more than 20 miles from my home in Evesham WR11.  If you are a very small club, or this fee is more than you can afford, then please do contact me: I would rather meet you somewhere in the middle, than not give the talk at all!
If you suffer a cancellation, or need a speaker urgently, then do contact me as I am usually available at short notice.

My Contact Details:

01386 49119

07759 925829

Warrior Nation

Public Speaker in Worcestershire Tim Barney presents his talk Warrior Nation.

This talk discusses an eclectic assortment of historic British battles, at home and abroad.  The narrative adopts a novel approach, by presenting the battles in complimentary pairs ‘two by two’, exploring the relationships between them, and offering fresh perspectives on some familiar events.  ‘Warrior Nation’ will be appreciated by anyone who is interested in the ups and downs of British history, or just enjoys an exciting story!

Lock, Stock and Barrel (or ‘Bullets for Beginners’)

Public Speaker from Worcestershire Tim Barney talks about "Lock, Stock and Barrel"

An insight into the development of military small arms, from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century.  The story of how the soldier’s personal weapon evolved from a crude black powder tube, that was almost as dangerous to the user as the target, to the sophisticated mass-produced weapons of today, is an absorbing and sometimes surprising tale.  Including both technical discussion and many historical examples, this talk offers a wide-ranging and comprehensive overview

The God of War (or ‘Bigger Bullets for Beginners’)

Public Speaker from Worcestershire Tim Barney presents his talk The God of War,

This talk follows the development of artillery weapons and tactics, from the middle ages to the present day.  ‘The God of War’ was the phrase chosen by Josef Stalin, to describe the Red Army’s artillery arm.  During this talk we will discuss the evolution of ‘the guns’ from the rock-throwing siege engines of the ancient world, to the multiple launch rocket systems of today, delving en route into the history of explosives, the castle architect’s response to gunpowder bombardment, and the ingenuity of Sir William Armstrong.

Destroyer of Worlds

Public Speaker from Worcestershire presents his talk Destroyer of Worlds.

This compelling talk lifts the lid on nuclear and thermonuclear weapons: the physics behind them, the design and operation of the weapons themselves, and of course what happens at the receiving end.  For such a high profile and emotive subject, regularly the subject of ill-informed speculation and media frenzy, there is a surprising lack of knowledge about how these weapons actually work, and what their effects would be in the real world.  This talk aims to fill in some of those gaps, and hopefully transform heat into light!

Mad, Bad and Dangerous

Public Speaker from Worcestershire,Tim Barney presents his talk Mad, Bad and Dangerous.

This wide-ranging talk is about military ideas and inventions old and new, that turned out to be crazy, or useless, or just downright dangerous – and sometimes all three!  We will take a light-hearted look at a sorry saga of incompetence, short-sightedness and wishful thinking, plus a sideways glance at some other inventions that were perfectly serviceable in themselves, but ended up being used in the wrong way, at the wrong time or in the wrong place.  Sounds like a familiar story, doesn’t it!

Tim Barney Contact Details:

01386 49119

07759 925829