Tina Rhoda

Location: Tatsfield, Kent
About me...

I spent 37 years teaching Modern Languages in secondary schools in the UK, I taught recalcitrant children where every step was a challenge, 2 pupils who were in the top 5 UK French GCSE and enthusiastic A level students. When I retired I realised that I wasn’t ready to stop and I started thinking about how I could possibly ‘give something back’. So I decided to go to Malawi, ‘the warm heart of Africa’ in 2014 as a volunteer; sharing books and reading was the focus for my trip. Whilst there I learnt the Chichewa word Ndizotheka meaning ”anything is possible’, this phrase inspired me. One school in particular touched my heart and made me want to return in 2015

About my talks...

I have shared my journey successfully with various WI groups. I offer a powerpoint presentation lasting between 50-60 minutes. I can provide a projector if necessary.


I charge £60, I charge modest mileage expenses of 25p per mile if over 10 miles from where I live in Tatsfield, in Kent TN162LJ
Any money raised goes directly to the charity. My travel and accommodation are self funded.
I am available day and evening: if you have been let down I might be able to fit in at the last minute; it’s always worth asking me.
I live on the Kent / Surrey border and am happy to speak in Surrey, West Kent, Sussex and London

My Contact Details:

01959 576354


Ndizotheka- anything is possible: Volunteering in Malawi.

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In my talk I provide an insight into the school; 4 teachers, 240 learners, 1 classroom, a few blackboards and chalk. The appetite to learn was insatiable. I helped the teachers acquire different strategies for use in the classroom; started a library; facilitated the ‘My Girl’ project, took part in sports day and gave the headteacher a headache! I will also share how inspirational Malawians can be. Everything was made possible by the lovely translators who worked with me.

Comments about my talk......

Dear Tina,

Thank you – for the loan of the projector, and for stepping into the breach so well.

I’m really pleased that they were so generous. It was due to your delivery and

subject matter that keep the audience enthralled and believe me they can be a

really tough audience.

You should give lots more thoughts to doing it elsewhere.

Best Wishes


Tina Rhoda Contact Details:

01959 576354