Tracey Beaty

Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire
About me...

I  am a qualified herbalist with a herbal practice in Loughborough. Plants have been my passion for many years, and I have a particular interest in herbal medicines that are native to the UK. I would especially like to share with you how herbs can be used in everyday life to improve your health, and just how easy it can be to do this.

About my Talks...

Talks last up to an hour, including time at the end for questions. If you have other requirements, please email me. My talks can include Powerpoint slides, if you have a projector and screen available, or I can simply bring props such as plants (depending on the season) and medicines.


My charge is £50 plus £0.45 per mile for venues over 10 miles away from my Loughborough base.

My Contact Details:

07549 225917

All-season Herb ( Indoor Walk!)

Public Speaker Tracel Beaty talks about 'Herbs - an Indoor Walk'

I bring the herbs to you in this seated, indoor herb walk around the UK countryside. Featuring herbs that are native to the UK, or easily grown in your garden, I will talk about the diverse ways that the herbs can be harvested and prepared, and what they are traditionally used for.


Herbs and Spices from your Kitchen

Public Speaker Tracey Beaty talks about Herbs and Spices

Most people use at least some herbs and spices in their cooking, even if only Black Pepper. Learn about some of the medicinal properties of popular herbs and spices, and how they can enhance your health as well as your cooking.

Save Our Weeds!

Public Speaker Tracey Beaty talks about Save Our Weeds

View your garden weeds in a different light following this talk on the most common weeds found in British gardens. Many have medicinal uses, and some are favourites of many herbalists. Learn to love your dandelions!


Tracey Beaty Contact Details:

07549 225917