Vince Eager

Location: Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire.
About Vince Eager...

During his 60 years in showbiz and cruise directing, Vince has collected a wealth of stories, anecdotes, tales, call them what you will, that he enjoys talking and writing about. His on stage popularity over the years has recently spun off into the success he’s enjoyed with his book, “Vince Eager’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Files” and his presentations. Along with his performing and writing, Vince is becoming more and more in demand for his talks and visual media presentations. Such is the wealth of material at his fingertips that he has three presentations.  Two are based on his early years of recording popular music, television shows, concerts and cabaret shows he appeared on, and the third talk covers his fourteen years as a Cruise Director on-board luxury American cruise liners.

If you’re looking for an audio-visual presentation speaker with a wealth of experience and fascinating stories, plus many never before seen photos of your favourites from yesteryear, then Vince is the one for you.

About his talks...

Vince will perform to any size audience and if you prefer, without the visual presentation. He also supplies a sound system, projector and screen if required.


My fee starts at £75 plus 45p per mile.  All equipment can be supplied if required.

I will give talks without visual presentation if required.

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You're Never Too Old to Rock 'n Roll

Entertainer and Public Speaker Wince Eager talks about hia career - You're Never Too Old to Rock 'n Roll

From rocking in the cradle to rocking on television, Vince talks about the entrepreneurial years spent as a junior chorister in his local church choir to becoming one of Britain’s original teen idols. His formation of a skiffle group that came second in the televised 1957 World Skiffle Championships, his appearances on Britain’s first ever televised pop shows such as the “Six-Five Special”, “Drumbeat” and “Oh Boy” with Marty Wilde and Cliff Richard and becoming a part of the rock ‘n’ roll dynasty that included Tommy Steele, Billy Fury, Joe Brown and Georgie Fame, not forgetting the times he spent touring the country with his pal Joe Brown and creating mischief wherever they went.

Entertainer and Public Speaker Vince Eager talks about celebrities in his career including Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde.
Entertainer and Public Speaker Vince Eager talks about his highly colourful career in show business

"Don't Shoot Him... He's Only a Rock 'n Roll Singer"

Entertainer and Public Speaker Vince Eager talks about his career - Don't Shoot Him - He's only a Rock n' Roll Singer

Features an altercation during a TV show with Charlie Drake that lead to Vince doing a favour for the BBC and being rewarded with a controversial appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest. His being chosen for the biggest rock ‘n’ roll show to tour the UK when he was booked to support Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. How his plans to fly to America with Eddie Cochran to record where shattered the night before he was due to fly. Converting from pop stardom to cabaret and his first Middle East tour where the Greek National Guard held him at gunpoint. Followed by his five years touring the world in the lead role of the award winning West End musical “ELVIS”.

Vince Eager Entertainer and Public Speaker as Elvis in the award winning West End musical ELVIS
Vince Eager Entertainer and Public Speaker

"What Time's the Midnight Buffet?"

Entertainer and Public Speaker Vince Eager talks about "What Time is the Midnight?" Buffet

This talk covers Vince’s fourteen years as a cruise director on cruise lines such as Ocean Cruise Lines and Silversea Cruises during which time he visited over 80 countries. With the Cruise Director’s responsibilities ranging from the on-board entertainment, the shore excursions, daytime activities, port lectures to dealing with thousands of passengers enquiries, there was always a mixture of drama and comedy being played out somewhere on the ship. Vince also gives an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes and what lengths have to be gone to in order to keep cruise ship passengers happy, some who have paid up to £20,000 for a cruise. A fascinating and fun insight into the world of cruising.

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