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Location: Streatham, South London
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I live in Streatham South London and I charge a fee of £75 for talks in the Greater London area and £100 beyond that area up to 100 miles from base.

My fee is the same whether I provide an illustrated Powerpoint talk or present a stand-alone entertainment.

My Contact Details:

020-8769 5667

07881 958258

Metaphors, Clichés and Phrases”...Avoid Them Like the PLAGUE!!!

In everyday modern conversational speech, there’s a tendency at times, to talk of eccentric matters. Yet amazingly, we always accept, and understand what’s being implied with great simplicity and ease. It’s a kind of, hidden secret code, held amongst ourselves. For example: Have you ever been caught between the “devil, and the deep blue sea”? Did you ever have bad news arrive as a “bolt from the blue? Have you ever, bought a “pig in a poke”? May be you knew someone, that’s got off “Scott free”. Or you were once “sent to Coventry”, yet never actually went anywhere. And, then, even after a night of “sweet dreams did you still “get out of bed on the wrong side, in the morning”.

Or, have you tried to swing a cat, whether the room was too small, or not. And, what actually is a “white elephant”. (I’ve never seen one.....Have you?)

The OE Dictionary refers to these odd phrases and comments as metaphors, clichés, and idioms. They seem to be totally unnecessary when included in our general chit-chat, yet, at the same time, they state even MORE, when added in. Thereby, the point is somehow “hammered home” to all listeners, with greater knowledge and understanding...

Consequently, if like me, you too, have frequently included and repeated these bizarre phrases, since you started having conversations. And, thought to yourself (as I did), who essentially must of said them first, and how come they’ve been passed on down, from generation to generation, remaining so popular, as they have? Well now!!... Thanks, to my many years of investigations and study of old literature, historical books and newspapers, and even plays. I believe, I have found the actual origins of many.

Warren Ashton Contact Details:

020-8769 5667

07881 958258