Why I created this Website

I have been giving talks for over twenty years and when my three children all became involved in website based careers, I wanted to learn about websites so that I could keep a handle on what they were talking about. I said to them “I want to build a website”  They rolled their eyes and groaned. “What is your website going to be about, Mum? You can’t just build one, it has to be about something” they explained.  “I want to advertise my talks” I said. I had by that time realised that no agents were prepared to take speakers on their books who were charging very modest fees because they couldn’t make any money out of them, so really, there was no way for such speakers to advertise their talks other than word of mouth. My son Simon thought it a good idea, Laura said none of the bookings secretaries would be using computers to look for their speakers – which wasn’t far wrong back in the mid 1990’s and Polly registered the name www.diannemannering.co.uk for me and found a website on ‘how to work with html’ the coding one had to use in those day.  I knew a few other speakers and offered to add them to my website. Some said OK as a sort of favour to me,  some were quite enthusiastic and one or two refused because they weren’t quite sure what a website was.   The website is now in its fourth rebuild and it is still a free resource for both bookings secretaries and speakers.