Kathy McNally

Location: Bournemouth
About Kathy McNally BA (Hons)....

I am an experienced public speaker based in Bournemouth. My clients include WI, ex-military, Rotary, Probus, Inner Wheel, Literary and Historical Societies, Book Clubs, U3A and many others. also act as Guest Speaker on P&O Cruises – which I love to do!

About MY Talks...

My talks are mainly concerned with the secret services, spying and espionage. I offer a menu of talks including my popular ‘Bondmaker Series’ about Ian Fleming the author of the James Bond books. Each talk ‘stands alone’ so no need to hear them all! I can provide a Powerpoint slide show with each talk, and have my own projector but you would need to provide a screen or a blank wall to project on to. Talks can be delivered without Powerpoint for those groups who prefer it this way. All my talks are informative and fun too.

Talk fee  £50 + mileage  35p per mile
I am prepared to take bookings  at short notice
My Contact Details:

01202 461124

The Making of the Man who made James Bond:

Public Speaker in Dorset, Kathy McNally The Making of the Man Who Made James Bond320x240

Was Ian Fleming the real James Bond? If not Fleming then who was the model for this enduring character? Was there ever an ‘M’ at the Head of the Secret Service? Find out the answers and more in this fascinating look at how Ian Fleming’s life shaped him and provided inspiration for his books.

Commander Ian Fleming, Naval Intelligence

Public Speaker in Dorset, Kathy mcNally Commander Ian Fleming Naval Intelligence 320x240

Ian Fleming held the rank of Commander in the RNVR, the same rank that he would later give to his action hero James Bond. Commander Ian Fleming’s role in WW2 secret operations were every bit as fantastic as those in his books about the 007 Bond, James Bond.

Spying: The Great Game

Public Speaker in Dorset, Kathy McNally, Spying the Great Game 320x240

MI6 in London is the only building in the capital where the Union Flag flies day and night. Why?  ‘Because spies never sleep.’ In this talk hear more about the facts and fiction of the never ending ‘Great Game’ and the lives of some of the players.

Not for King and Country

talk by Public Speaker Kathy McNally -Not for King and Country

The King who was never crowned and Wallis Simpson the women he loved to the point of obsession. After eighty years, the truth is emerging, piece by piece, about the events that shook an Empire. This talk has romance, intrigue and espionage.

Cracking Codes and Clever Ciphers

Cracking Codes and Clever Ciphers

This is the fascinating story of codes, ciphers and cryptography from Ancient Greece to Enigma and the Dark Web. Get the chance to try your hand at code breaking and find out how to make invisible ink.

The Golden Age of Piracy 1680-1720

Public Speaker in Dorset, Kathy McNally, The Golden Age of Piracy320x240

An estimated 50,000 pirates roamed the seas during the Golden Age of piracy. Who were they and how did they live? Find out in this fascinating look at the life of the ‘Sea Dogs’ who tried to command the seas and the riches of the world.

Kathy McNally Contact Details:

01202 461124