New Talks and New Public Speakers

This is where you’ll find speakers who are new to the Public Speakers Corner website and also new talks by existing speakers.  So if you use this website regularly, you’ll be able to quickly ascertain if one of your group’s favourite speakers has created another talk, or whether we have a new speaker who covers your area.

New Talks from our existing Speakers at Public Speakers Corner

Table Tennis Experience for all Ages

This is not a sit down and listen talk.
You will be amazed when Peter transforms your hall into a table tennis arena and gets everyone (and I do mean everyone) playing table tennis.
It doesn’t matter what ............

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Peter Camrass - Public Speaker in Kent

Peter Camrass

Maidstone, Kent

The Amazing World of Magic

This talk has been honed to perfection over 40 years. You will hear about the oldest magician known to mankind, the oldest trick in magic, scams based on ............

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Field John 250x250

John Field

Epsom Surrey

It Won't Show on Stage

This talk has been developed and written by popular request. Whilst covering brief details of my own experiences in ............

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Public Speaker in Essex Marion Pettet.

Marion Pettet

Brentwood, Essex

Wonders of the Trade Routes of the World

This illustrated talk looks at the trade routes in the world which helped to exchange............

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Hashemi-Dr.J. 250x250

Dr Javad Hashemi


New Speakers to the Public Speakers Corner Website

The Tottenham Outrage and Walthamstow Tram Chase

On Saturday 23 January 1909, two Russians carried out a wages snatch at the Schnurrmann Rubbery factory in Tottenham. They fire six shots at the driver of the car making the delivery. This alerted the people next door, Tottenham Police, who jumped out of bed and abseiled out on the windows to give chase in their pyjamas. Having not used them for a while, they were unable to find the keys to the gun cupboard, so the PCs were issued with cutlasses instead.......

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Public Speaker Dr Geoff Barton.

Geoff Barton

London, Manchester & Edinburgh

Ordinary People, Unexpected Lives

When delving into your family tree very occasionally a golden nugget of information appears and brings your distant forebears into 3D. A drowning, a brush with the law......

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Public Speaker in Staffordshire Karen Evans

Karen Evans

Wombourne, Staffordshire

How Our Ancestors Died

Through the centuries causes of death have varied enormously in line with the social conditions of the day. You can learn a lot about family circumstances in the past .........

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Dr Mark Carroll, Public Speaker in Epping, Essex.

Mark Carroll

Epping, Essex

The Mysterious Loss of the SS Waratah

In the early morning of 27th July 1909 the Waratah overtook a steamship and sped ahead eventually slipping over the horizon ............

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Public Speaker from Dorset Brian Margetson

Brian Margetson

Wareham, Dorset

The Hammer of the Scots: Edward I and Scotland

A talk on Edward I’s attempts to subjugate Scotland, considering his motives, the nature of the ensuing conflict............

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Public Speaker and author from Edinburgh Scotland David Santiuste

David Santiuste

Edinburgh, Scotland