Keith Westcott

Location: Banbury Oxfordshire
About The Speaker...

Yesterday’s entrepreneur becomes a discoverer and heritage philanthropist.  With early retirement sparking off a myriad of opportunities, his interest in history, archaeology and burning desire for adventure, has lead to discoveries of National importance.  An ardent volunteer, Keith can set aside the “boyish enthusiasm for treasure” and is capable of grown up qualities!  Keith represents the UK as an EU Principle Expert and British Standards Chairman in Heating Systems, and is also a Director and Trustee of Residential Care Homes for young adults with learning difficulties.

About his talk...

The talk is approximately 45 minutes long and either Stand-alone or via PowerPoint with all necessary equipment by the speaker.


Speaker charge is £75 donation to the Westcott Heritage Foundation which supports Archaeological Projects and Education plus travel expenses. Travel costs are 25p/per mile over 30 miles from Banbury.
Keith is happy to travel the UK and may be available on short notice.

My Contact Details:

07767 663484

A Journey of Exploration From Theory to Discovery

Public Speaker Keith Westcott speaks about A Journey of Exploration From Theory to Discovery

Through a chance find of musket and pistol shot whilst diving the tragic 1760 shipwreck of the HMS Ramillies, evolved a passion and determination, which set in the beautiful Estate and Parklands of Broughton Castle, lead to the discovery of Spanish Treasure….and a summons straight to the Dock of Oxford Crown Court.
Year’s later, inspired by potential and fueled by a sense of belief, Keith set out one sunny Autumn day to prove his own theory.  What he found, even in its own day, would have stopped the seasoned traveler in their steps.
A love of history that goes beyond the text book, and a desire to unearth the unknown both physically and concealed in ancient maps and archives.  His detective work inspired from diving on British shipwrecks, resulted in the last case in England of the thousand-year-old act of ‘common law treasure trove.’
On the declared “Property of the Realm”, a further revelation was that the Silver Hoard buried at the edge of the Cotswolds, would at last be returning to the Queen of England over 350 years from when the 17th Century Queen Henrietta Maria had first solicited these monies from selling off the Crown Jewels to fund Charles 1st and the English Civil War.
In addition to his wife, Keith has another woman that he is emotionally close to, and who is never too far from his mind.
A slender woman around 5ft in height, aged in her thirties……..probably of native stock.
Her lonely burial site haunted Keith over decades, and around 1500 years after her interment in that stone roman sarcophagus, with a theory that the Romano British woman was buried near to her residence, Keith set out to rediscover her ancestral home.
On 31st October 2016, Keith discovered a huge roman villa of national importance and almost palatial proportions.  An archaeologists dream, devoid of Victorian archaeological method and practices common to most large English courtyard villa discoveries.
Convinced now that there is greater context to his discovery, an area of high status, of geographical power and opulence……Keith’s work has really just begun.


Keith Westcott Contact Details:

07767 663484