Kevin Little

Location: Chard, Somerset
About the speaker...

Kevin Little has been a fishmonger in Reading town centre for 45 years so he knows not only about the fish trade, but running a small business as well.  His business is called The Smelly Alley Fish Company.

He was born in Reading during the great freeze of 1947, and lived there until he emigrated to the West Country 45 years later. He knows the A303 very well, because he is still involved in the day to day running of The Smelly Alley Fish Company – a traditional fishmongers that supplies customers who come into the shop, as well as pubs and restaurants in the Reading area. The Smelly Alley Fish Company also has a nationwide internet next-day delivery service.

About his talks...

He has given talks at Reading town hall, and he has talked in pubs, to WI members, to lunch meetings, to an animal sanctuary, and is now a veteran of the speaker circuit.
Kevin works in Reading, Berkshire, and lives in Somerset, so he can talk anywhere, within reason! 
Kevin is one of these rare speakers who can simply stand up and deliver – he needs no props.


Charges vary – from £40 for very small groups.  Please phone to discuss details.
For gatherings of not more than 50 people,  I charge £60 within ten miles of my home which is Chard in Somerset. For larger groups, and venues farther afield, please contact me to discuss.

My Contact Details:

07768 173740


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My work as a fishmonger 320x240

About fish

3. Kevin Little with Lloyd Grossman fish, glorious food

About preparing and cooking fish


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The idiosyncrasies of his customers

8.Kevin Little

The strange habits of bureaucrats such as health inspectors – amusing, confusing, infuriating!

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The amusing incidents that have happened on his travels

The strange Habits of Some Animals the dog 320x240

Kevin has travelled the world, but now, with his wife, Liz, he lives on a smallholding in Somerset where they keep 25 cats, a dog, a mule, three ponies and various ducks, chickens and pigeons. When time allows they help out by catching and rehoming cats in the local area, especially feral cats. At least that is the intention, many of them end up staying with Liz and Kevin on their smallholding

Kevin Little Contact Details:

07768 173740