Neil Meldrum

About me...

I am a retired lawyer who now has the opportunity of indulging my fascination in all things to do with the cultural evolution of mankind, and ancient history.  Compelling subjects (well to me) which have been undergoing considerable reappraisal in recent years.

Over the past few years I have given talks on subjects ranging from the development and the cultural evolution of early man to the Maya and Aztecs of Ancient Mexico and the Incas of Peru. More recently I have been focusing on early culture in Ancient China and Ancient India and of course Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia.

About my Talks...

Usually my talks are about an hour or so (and I do relish questions).  I have powerpoint presentations for all my talks. In my talks I do try to show some relevance of what happened all those years ago to the present time, there is invariably always some degree of continuity. If it is felt  that your group might be interested in gaining a (very) historical perspective please get in touch.


No fee, although possibly a contribution to a charity  would be nice, and possibly also a contribution to  travelling.

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